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About Video With Text SectionClick to copy 2222

The Video With Text section typically allows you to showcase a video alongside text content on your store’s homepage. It’s a visually engaging way to present information or tell your brand’s story.

How to access the Video With Text Section?Click to copy 2222

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Themes > click on Customize

Step 2: Click on Add Section block > search for Video With Text on the search bar and hit Image Banner

Step 3: Click on Video With Text block or each Text block heading to edit the content, or Add Text to add more Text block heading

Video With Text Section ConfigurationClick to copy 2222

The Video with text section comes with 4 tabs: General, Layout, Video and Button.

GeneralClick to copy 2222

In the general tab, if you want to change the color scheme, you can switch to a different color scheme. This color scheme is set up in the theme settings.

You can activate or deactivate to enable large heading. If you activate this, all heading in the image banner section will have the headline’s font size.

Come along with that, you can adjust Section subheading and Section heading for the section by entering content on the fields.

If you want to remove/ hide the section Subheading or Heading, you just need to leave the boxes blank:

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In the Layout tab, you can adjust the layout height for large screens with 2 options: 70% screen height or 100% screen height.

By default, it is set on 70% screen height:

The section has 2 options to show Content ordering: Video first or Text first

Please note that it is just applied for a large screen.

  • Video first

  • Text first

VideoClick to copy 2222

In the Video tab, you can set up for the video here in 2 ways:

  • External video: Paste your video link at Video Link to upload video in the section.

In the External video, Electro theme supports Youtube and Vimeo video.

  • Shopify-hosted video: Select or upload your video on Shopify File

Note: If you use video from the Shopify-hosted video, it will override the External video before.

You can add Video alt text in the placeholder to describe the video to make it accessible for customers using screen readers and improve SEO score for your Shopify store.

Next, you can add a thumbnail for the video. It is typically an image that represents a video and serves as a preview or cover image for the video content. To add Video Thumbnail, click on the Select Image button to upload it. The recommended size is 1280x720px.

The section supports Enable Video Loop and Enable Video Mute options.

Note: Please note that the video will not autoplay, it will play when users click on it.

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In the Buttons tab, insert the button label name for the Primary and Secondary button to add buttons on the section. Click on the button link to add a direct link for them. If you want to remove one button, just delete the text in the button label.

Block TextClick to copy 2222

Please note that you can add up to 5 blocks in this section.

To adjust for the Block text, click on the block and go to the Settings. You can adjust the content by entering heading and description here:

If you want to remove the Text part, simply remove the content in the text box.

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