Getting Started With Blum

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The goal of Blum theme is to

  • Focus on mobile browsing and purchasing experience for customers.
  • Thus it is built with a mobile-first and image-focused mindset.

In other words, it shows clear and simple steps from distributing a product on a merchant’s site, to approving an order from the customer’s side. We do ensure that all customer’s actions within the process are taken with the least effort.

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Blum theme follows Shopify’s theme structure and the principles of customizing theme on Shopify.

If you’re setting up a Shopify store for the first time, and are new to basic theme customization, you can visit these documentations to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Online Store 2.0Click to copy 2222

Blum theme is fully compatible with all the updated features of Online Store 2.0, which allows you to use all of Blum sections everywhere including the Homepage, Product pages, Collections, Pages, Blogs, Cart page, Search page, and more. Endless flexibility options for your store.

Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 also includes Collection filtering tools, unique content using Metafields (dynamic source), easy to create custom templates, and improved storefront performance. Blum uses all the features included in Shopify’s new modern platform.

For a full list of features available for Online Store 2.0 themes and how to make the most of them, visit Shopify’s Blog.

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Blum theme’s creator, Sales Hunter team, is available to assist you in case you need guidance or face troubles while using our theme. You can reach out to us by sending email to our mailbox at or by leaving a message on our “Contact Us” page.

Theme MaintenanceClick to copy 2222

Once you’ve purchased the theme, you’re entitled to free updates. Blum theme is regularly maintained to provide new features and functionality, as well as fixing any possible bugs. Theme updates aren’t applied automatically to Shopify stores, so they have to be made manually. For more information, see our guide on how to update your theme.

Apps are a great way to add extra functionality to your store, but will often need to be re-installed if you update your theme. Before adding an app to your store, check out our guide on using apps with theme.

LicensingClick to copy 2222

Following Shopify’s Terms and Conditions, Blum theme is allowed to be used for a single store only. You are not permitted to transfer or sell Blum theme to any other person’s store on Shopify or elsewhere.

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