In this knowledge base article, you will know how to set up the Newsletter section in all themes of SalesHunterThemes.
As you can see, you can customize this section by set up for these part:


In the General tab, Blum supports adjusting the Overlay Opacity for the background image of the Newsletter section. The Overlay Opacity can be adjusted from 0% to 90%. The default setting is 30% for the best experience.


Most importantly, you can independently add the three kinds of details for this section: subheading, heading and description. If you want to remove one of these items, you just need to delete content in the text box.


Special note for Electro Theme

Electro allows you to choose the color scheme for this section from Scheme 1 or Scheme 2. To change the scheme settings, you can access the Theme Settings.


By default, Newsletter section supports 3 kinds of Content alignment: Left, Center.

Image To add the background image, click the Select image button. The media manager will open up. There, drag and drop your logo, or select it if it is already uploaded. (Note that 1600px x 800px .png is recommended).

Special note for Blum theme

With Blum, you can customize the section badge with these settings:

  • Badge color scheme: You can choose between the main accent and extra accent color schemes.
  • Badge position: You can choose to position the badge on the left or right side of the section.
  • Badge shape: You can choose between a star, diamond, or asterisk shape for the badge.
  • Badge text: You can add text to the badge, such as a title or a call to action.

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