The Text section contains heading content and CTA buttons.

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There are 2 types of content alignment that you can set for the heading content:

  • Left

  • Center

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You can add the subheading, heading, and description for it on the section settings. Besides, there are 3 sizes you can choose for the heading including:

  • Small: -h3
  • Regular: -h2
  • Large: -headline

If you want to remove any settings, just delete the content and give it a blank space.

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The Text section supports 2 buttons: Primary and Secondary button. To add button text and button link, you need to click on the placeholder and insert the content, and to change the settings of these buttons, please update your Theme settings.

If you want to remove 1 button in that section, just delete the label text.

Special for Blum themeClick to copy 2222

The Blum theme has an additional setting for the Text section called “Prominent Badge.” This setting allows you to add a badge to the Text section, which can be used to highlight important information or to promote a special offer. The Prominent Badge setting is similar to the settings of the Hero Image With Text section.

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