404 template

By default, 404 template consists of 1 section: 404 Not Found Page section. This section cannot be removed, and can only be hidden on 404 Page.

Aside from this section, you can freely add or remove any other sections on 404 page.

404 Not Found Page

Content Text

Aside from the 404 heading that is fixed on the page, you can add new elements in 404 Not Found Page, containing Heading, Description, Button.

404 template

To change the content of these elements, click on 404 Not Found Page’s Settings, and fill in the content that you want to show on the page.

404 template


404 Not Found Page allows you to add the image with a recommended size 1200 x 800 px. To add the image, click on Select Image and upload your desired picture.

404 template

FunctionClick to copy 2222

The Enable Search feature is automatically enabled. When you search in this search box, there is no search suggestion and the results will be redirected to the Search Results page. To make users easier to navigate themselves on this 404 Not Found Page, there are 2 buttons: Homepage button which will open the Homepage of the website and Catalogue button which open the Collection/ all products. You can change the text of these buttons by changing the text of Homepage button label and Catalogue button label.

Please note that the Catalogue button will be hidden if the Catalogue is empty.


Special note for Electro theme

Electro offers two color schemes: Scheme 1 and Scheme 2. The settings for these schemes can be changed in the Theme settings.

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