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Blum Featured Product Section is a single-product spotlight designed to capture customer interest and encourage them to explore the product further, potentially leading to purchase. The section emphasizes essential attributes and encourages buyers to learn more, guiding them toward adding the item to their cart.

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What are the Media Ratios available? 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, Adapt to Image
How Many Ways To Show Quantity Selector? 3, including: After adding the cart once, Always, and Never

From any page, please click on ‘Add Section’ on the left side bar, then choose ‘Featured Product’.

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Firstly, you can change the color scheme for this section by selecting the scheme here. To change the theme color, please go to Theme settings > Colors.

Then, you can edit the Section subheading, Section heading, Section description, and change the assigned product.

You can also change or remove the assigned product. Click Change > Choose Change product or Remove product.

Edit MediaClick to copy 2222

This section allows you to choose the Media ratio and Thumbnail ratio.

You can also choose to Show paginations as number on mobile or ​​Show navigation on mobile by clicking on the box.

Edit LayoutClick to copy 2222

There are 2 options for section height for you to choose from:

  • Remove padding top
  • Remove padding bottom

Edit Prominent BadgeClick to copy 2222

The Prominent Badge of this section has the same setting with the Icon With Text section.

You can set up these settings for the Prominent badge:

  • Text: You can enter the name on the field
  • Color scheme: Main accent or Extra accent
  • Position: Left or Right
  • Shape: Star, Diamond or Asterisk

By default, this section has 11 items. To add more items to the section, click on Add block icon.

Edit Variant SelectorClick to copy 2222

You can set up the stock number for the section:

  • Enable Show stock number: Display stock with number.
  • Disable Show stock number: Basic stock information still shows without stock number.

There are two options for the Selector type, including Button and Dropdown. You can also choose to show variant swatches. For further configuration, you can set up the variant swatches in theme settings.

Edit PriceClick to copy 2222

With the Price item, you can Show sale badge and Show tax and shipping policy.

Edit PurchasingClick to copy 2222

To show the quantity selector, there are three options After adding the cart once, Always, and Never. This option is set based on how likely your buyers select more than one item at a time to add to cart.

You can also Show dynamic checkout buttons to send customers directly to checkout skipping the cart page.

Edit Extra InformationClick to copy 2222

The Accent scheme applies color to icon. You can also customize the Display style:

  • Horizontal blocks
  • Vertical collapsible

For each item, you can select the Icon source and edit the Heading and Content.

Edit View Details ButtonClick to copy 2222

The View details button directs customers to the product page. There are 3 styles for the View details button:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Link

Edit RatingClick to copy 2222

To display the product rating in stars, you need to add a product review app.

Edit Size Guide

Blum Size guide displays information about product sizing. You can set up:

  • Heading
  • Content source
  • Selected page
  • Product metafield name
  • Icon: Icon source, Theme library, Custom Image, Custom SVG

Edit Custom LiquidClick to copy 2222

You can customize further this section with a custom liquid code.

Edit Custom TextClick to copy 2222

Custom text lets you display additional text for your featured product. You can also customize the text style:

  • Body light
  • Body

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy 2222

1. How many products can I feature in the Blum Featured Product Section?

While the section configuration shows 11 items by default, it only features one product at a time.

2. Can I add a custom call-to-action button besides “View Details”?

While the default option is a “View Details” button directing users to the product page, you can enable “Show dynamic checkout buttons” to skip the cart page and proceed directly to checkout.

3. Can I add additional details or specifications for the featured product?

Yes, the “Extra Information” section allows you to display additional details with icons and customize the layout (horizontal blocks or vertical collapsible).

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