Collection List

In this knowledge base article, you will know how to set up the Collection list section in Blum theme.
As you can see, you can customize this section by set up for these part:


Most importantly, Blum theme lets you independently add the three kinds of details for this section: subheading, heading and description.
Collection List


By default, Collection list section supports 3 kinds of Content alignment: Left, Center and Diagonal.
There will be an option to select Items per row on mobile: 1 or 2.
You can choose to enable or disable the carousel on mobile and show navigation on mobile here.
Collection List
For the settings of Max Items To Show slider, check our details instruction here

Collection items

You can select the collection by clicking on the Selected collections button. You will able to see your Shopify store’s collection and select up to 50 collections there.
Collection List


This is where you can enable Show “View all” button if the collection list has more collection than being shown and customize content for this button text.
Collection List

Prominent badge

This part lets you select:
Badge color scheme:
  • Main accent
  • Extra accent
Badge position:
  • Left
  • Right
Badge shape:
  • Star
  • Diamond
  • Asterisk
And add Badge text for the section here.
Collection List

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