Collection List template

By default, Product template consists of 1 section: Collection list. This section cannot be removed, and can only be hidden on Product template.

Aside from this section, you can freely add or remove any other sections on Product template.

Collection list page


Collection List Page section follows general settings of the section, which contains setup for Heading content.

Collections are automatically sorted from New to old by default.


By default, the layout of the Collection Page List section contains 12 items per page. You can change the number of displayed collections by changing value at Items per page at 12, 24 or 36.

colection list

For each item, you can set Content Alignment for it. It is set to the Left by default. You can adjust this setting either to the left or center by selecting from the Dropdown menu.

On mobile, the number of Collection is set to 1 by default. It can be changed to 1 or 2 by selecting the Items per row on mobile with the dropdown menu.collection list

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