How to Use Electro Blog Post List

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Maximum blog items to show? 12
Minimum blog items to show? 2
What are the featured image ratios? Square and Landscape (3:2)

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Electro Blog Post list section is a widget that displays a list of blog posts on your website.

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To manage your blogs and blog posts, go to Shopify admin > Online store > Blog posts. You can learn more about Shopify blog posts here.

In this article, you will learn how to set up the blog post list section on the Electro theme.

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From any page, on the left sidebar, click ‘Add Section’ and ‘Blog Post List’

To access the blog post list page with independent link, please click on the top bar menu, then choose Blog > Default Blog

This article will let you know how to edit the Electro Blog Post List Section in pages.

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Electro theme allows you to customize the Blog post list section with the following settings:

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The General tab allows you to add three kinds of details to the section independently: subheading, heading, and description. To remove a content from the section, simply leave the placeholder blank.

You can also click the Select blog button to add blogs from your Shopify store to the section. When you select a blog for the section, the Electro theme will automatically show the list of blog posts in the blog on the section.

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In the Layout tab, you can select two functions to display for the blog post list. However, these functions will only work if the number of items is greater than 4.

  • Enable carousel

  • Show progress indicator

You can choose to align the text content of the section (heading, subheading, and description) to the left or center.

The number of items is the number of blog posts to show in this section. You can change the number from 2 to 12, but the default is 4. You can change the number in steps of 2.

Edit Button TabClick to copy 2222

In this section, you can enable the “View all” button if the blog has more posts than are being shown. You can also customize the text for the button label.

Important: the button will not be shown if:

  • The label field is blank
  • The number of blog posts to show is equal to or greater than the number of blog posts in the selected blog

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The blog post list section has some settings in the theme settings. You can find more information about these settings in the theme settings article.

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What Is A Blog Excerpt?Click to copy 2222

Excerpts are a summary of your post content and are used to shorten your posts, so that only the introduction or a summary of your post is displayed. This is a great tool to optimize SEO, as it acts as a short description of the blog post.

Do I Have To Show The Feature Image?Click to copy 2222

No, you can choose to hide/ show the feature image in the theme settings.

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