This article will show you how to customize the footer in the Electro theme. To do this, click on the footer section and start editing. You can customize the general settings, currency selector, payment methods, and quick links.

You can also add and customize blocks in the section. For more information about blocks, please check here.

GeneralClick to copy 2222

In the footer section, you can customize the following general settings:

  • Enable “back to top” button: You can choose to show or hide the back to top button.

  • Enable collapse menu on mobile: You can choose to collapse the menu on mobile (only applicable to menu headings).

  • Color scheme: You can choose from Scheme 1 or Scheme 2. To change the scheme settings, you need to access Theme settings.

Currency SelectorClick to copy 2222

The currency selector allows visitors to choose the currency that they prefer to view prices in.

To enable the currency selector, you need to first add a currency to your Shopify store’s payment settings.

Here are the steps on how to enable the currency selector in Shopify:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin and click on Settings > Payments.
  2. In the Shopify Payments section, click on Manage.
  3. Under Currency Conversion, check the box next to Enable multi-currency.
  4. Click on Save.

Once you have added a currency, you can enable the currency selector in the footer section of your store.

The currency selector will now be displayed in the footer section of your store.

Language SelectorClick to copy 2222

Similar to the currency selector, you need to add a language to your Shopify store’s language settings in order to enable the language selector.


Note: There are two conditions for the language selector to be displayed:

  • Your store must have two or more languages.
  • These languages must all be published.

After enabling the language selector, it will be displayed next to the currency selector.

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To enable the Show payment method here, first, you need to add a payment method on your Shopify store’s payment settings.

Together with that, you can enable or disable the Show payment icon. The icon display based on your Shopify payment method.

You can Show quick links on the menu drawer here. Please note that you have to set up the quick link from the Theme Settings.

To access block, you can click on the Add block on the footer section:

You can add this type of block to the footer:

Please note that the number of these types is limited to 1.

  • Block: Store information
  • Block: Store contact
  • Block: Newsletter
  • Block: Social media

And these blocks can be added unlimited on the section

  • Block: Flexi menu
  • Block: Single menu

To customize a block on the Footer section, simply click on the block to start editing.

Store informationClick to copy 2222

To add the Footer logo image, you can click the Select image button. The media manager will open up. There, upload the logo from your computer , or select it if it is already uploaded on Shopify Files.

Then, you can be able to adjust Footer logo max width: comes from 40px to 240px with default is 160px.

Most importantly, Electro theme lets you add heading and description for the Footer section. If you want to remove the Text part, simply remove the content in the text box.

Store ContactClick to copy 2222

This part allows you to input the heading text for the Footer section.

Additionally, you have the option to enable or disable the display of your email address and phone number. Please note that in order to display your email address and phone number, you need to set them in your theme settings:

  • Access theme settings on the menu bar
  • Click on Email address and phone number section

Social Media IconClick to copy 2222

To set up for the Social Media icon on the Footer section, please follow these steps:

Step1: You can enter the heading text for the social media icon here.

Note that to display your social media accounts, you must link them in your theme settings.

Step 2: After that, you can enable or disable to show social media icons.

NewsletterClick to copy 2222

To customize the newsletter, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, the Electro theme allows you to enable or disable the newsletter in the footer.
  • Afterward, you can enter the heading text and description for the newsletter here.
  • If you want to remove the text part, simply delete the content in the text box.

Once a customer submits the newsletter form, their information will be stored in the Shopify admin > Customers.

Important: Each email address can be submitted once in this section.

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