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The Content Collage section in the Electro Shopify theme is a great way to display a variety of content on your website, such as images, collection, and product. This section is highly customizable, so you can easily create a layout that suits your needs.

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In the General tab, you can select the color scheme for the text and background of the content blocks. The color scheme can be set to Scheme 1 or Scheme 2. To change the settings of these schemes, please go to Theme Settings.

To add content in the Section Subheading, Heading and Description, click on the text box and insert the content. If you want to remove these contents, simply delete the text in the text box.

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In Layout tab, you can select the position to display for the heading content of the section:

  • Left:

  • Right:

In Items ordering, there are 3 types:

  • Equal: the Collection, Product and heading image show equal in size

  • Main item first: the first item will be bigger than others

  • Main item last: the last item will be bigger than others

By default, the Equal type is selected.

You can also enable stacked layout.

Note that the Enable Stacked layout can only be applied if the Main item first or Main item last is selected.

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In the Items tab, the Overlay opacity controls the opacity of the overlay color on each block background image. You can drag the bar to change the opacity, from 0% to 90%.

The Image ratio has 2 options:

  • Square

  • Portrait (4:5)

Note: If the Enable Stacked layout has been turned on, this setting only applies to the main item.

Click on the Show items button if you want to show or hide the CTA button of each item. Please remember that the link still works without this button.

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The Content Collage can have a maximum of 3 blocks, which can be chosen among 3 block types: Collection, Product, Image. Click on each block item to change the settings for each block.

Block: CollectionClick to copy 2222

To select a collection for the Collection block, click on the item and hit Select Collection to choose one collection. Check the Show number of products checkbox if you want to show the number of products that contain in the collection.

Once you select a collection for the block, the block background image and block content will be replaced with the collection image and collection name that you have set up in the Shopify admin under Products > Collections.

Block: ProductClick to copy 2222

To select a product, click on the Product block item then hit Select Product to choose.

Once you add a product to the block, the block content and background image will be automatically updated to the product title, product price, and product main image.

Block: ImageClick to copy 2222

Click on the Image block item to upload the background image for the block.

You can set up for the Heading text, Button text and Button link for this block item in the Content tab. If you want to remove an element, just leave the box text blank.


Note: if the Button link field is empty, the button will show in its disabled state.


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