How to Use Electro Text Section

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How many Text Layouts are available with Electro Text? Two, Left and Center
How many buttons could I add to an Electro Text Element? Two
Can I manually change the button color in the Electro Text Element? No, please contact SHT support.

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Electro Text section is a versatile section that can be used as a hero banner or a promotional section for a sale campaign. It contains Heading, Sub-headings, Short Description with two CTA buttons.

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From any page, please click on ‘Add Section’ on the left side bar, then choose ‘Text’

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The Electro theme allows you to customize the Text section with the following settings:

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There are 2 content alignment options that you can set for all contents of the section:

  • Left

  • Center

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You can add a subheading, heading, and description for the section in the section settings. If you want to remove any of these elements, simply leave the placeholder blank.

In addition, you can choose from three heading sizes:

  • Small: This will apply the h3 style to the heading.
  • Regular: This will apply the h2 style to the heading.
  • Large: This will apply the headline style to the heading.

To change the heading style, go to Theme settings.

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The Text section supports 2 buttons: Primary and Secondary button. To add button text and button link, you need to click on the placeholder and insert the content, and to change the settings of these buttons, please update your Theme settings. Learn more about Theme settings here.


  • If the button’s placeholder text is blank, the button will be removed from the section.
  • If the button is not linked to any pages, the button will be displayed in a disabled state, as configured in the theme settings.

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