How to Use Electro Top Bar Section

About Electro Top Bar SectionClick to copy 2222

Electro Top Bar section provides an option to succinctly introduce your store’s essence. It’s a prime space where you can concisely convey your brand’s identity and offerings, setting the tone for visitors exploring your online store.

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Recommend limiting the number of quick links? 3
How many blocks are allowed on the Electro Top Bar Section? Maximum of 2

Access Electro Top Bar SectionClick to copy 2222

From any page, please scroll up to the top, then choose ‘Top Bar’ on the left sidebar.

Configure Electro Top Bar SectionClick to copy 2222

There will be no customizable settings available for the top bar but you can customize the Theme settings parameter here:

  • Click on the select menu button to choose the menu item display on the top bar:

  • The phone number and email address will appear on the right side of the top bar after you have filled out these fields:

Configure Electro Section BlocksClick to copy 2222

You can adjust Blocks inside the Top bar section by clicking on the block.

There are 2 types of blocks that you can add for this section: Announcement and Store Info.

Please note that you can add only 1 block for each type.

Edit Announcement BlockClick to copy 2222

Announcement block is designed to display important messages, announcements, promotions, or other time-sensitive information to customers.

To adjust for the Announcement Block, click on the block and go to the Settings.

You can adjust the content by entering text and add the link here. If you want to remove the Text part, simply remove the content in the text box.

To modify the style of the content text, you can make changes on the menu bar.

The menu bar allows you to:

  • Generate text automatically
  • Change text format: paragraph, heading,…
  • Change text style: Bold, italicize,..

  •  Additionally, you have the option to insert a link for the text here.

Edit Store Info BlockClick to copy 2222

Store info refers to the section where you can configure and display important information about your store.

Please note that Store info in the top bar is only visible on large screens.

In this tab, you can set up for the Store info block and all the additional Info will be relocated to the menu drawer on mobile devices:

  • Step 1: Select Content ordering position:
  • Quick links first
  • Contact information first:

  • Step 2:  You can display quick links on this block. Please ensure that you have set up the quick links on your Shopify store.

  • Step 3: In the Contact information part, you can enable or disable the email address and phone number.

Kindly be aware that the email address and phone number have been configured within the theme settings.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy 2222

What should be included in the Electro Top Bar Section?Click to copy 2222

A menu, email address and hotline

What is a top bar on a website?Click to copy 2222

Electro top bar is the first touchpoint visitors interact with, as it’s the direct guide to help them get to specific sections, products or categories.

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