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The Logo List section in the Electro Shopify theme is a great way to showcase logos of your partners, brands, or designers. It can be used on your homepage, product pages, or any other page on your website.

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To access the settings for the Logo List section, open the section. The Logo List section has two tabs: General and Layout.

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To add the heading content, click on the Section Subheading, Heading and Description text box and type the content. If you want to remove the Text part, simply remove the content in the text box.

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In the Layout tab, you can select the alignment of the heading content:

  • Left: The heading content will be aligned to the left side of the section.

  • Center: The heading content will be centered in the section.

You can also change the number of items per row on mobile screens in the Layout tab. The number of items per row on mobile can be set to 1 or 2. By default, the number of items per row is 2.

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The Logo List section can support a maximum of 12 logo blocks. By default, there are 4 logo blocks. To add more logo blocks, click the Add Logo button.

To upload a logo image and customize a logo block, click on the block to open it for editing.

You can upload a logo by clicking the Select image button to choose from your Shopify library or your computer.

You can also add a link to the logo so that customers can be directed to a specific page after clicking on it. To do this, enter the URL of the page in the Link field.

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