How to Use Electro Collection List

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How many Items per row on mobile are available? 1 or 2
How many collections could I add to the Electro Collection List Section? 50
Content Alignment available in Electro Collection List Layout? Left and Center Option

About Electro Collection List SectionClick to copy 2222

Electro Collection List section allows you to display a list of collections, each with its name and image.You can customize the section to match your brand’s name and design.

Access Electro Collection List SectionClick to copy 2222

To access the Collection list section, go to Online Store > Theme > Electro theme > Customize.

On the Customize page, choose the page where you want to add the Collection list. Then, click the Add section button and select the Collection list to use on the page.

Configure Electro Collection List SectionClick to copy 2222

The Electro Collection list section has 4 tabs that you can customize: General, Layout, Button, and Theme settings.

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Electro theme lets you independently add 3 kinds of details for the Collection list section: subheading, heading, and description. To add, change, or delete the content for each type, click on the placeholder. If you don’t want to show the text content, leave it blank.

You can select the collection by clicking on ‘Select collections’ button. You will be able to see your Shopify store’s collection and select up to 50 collections there (maximum number of collections that Shopify allows).

Edit Layout TabClick to copy 2222

In the Layout tab, you can choose the alignment of the content within the collection list section. You can choose from two options: left or center.

If you add more than 4 collections to the section, the collection list will become a slideshow list. You can also choose to:

  • Enable the carousel function

  • Show the progress indicator

On mobile devices, the collection list will become a slideshow. You can choose to display 1 or 2 items per row. By default, 2 items per row will be displayed on mobile.

Edit Button TabClick to copy 2222

In the Button, you can enable the “Show View all button” function and customize the text for the button label. The button will be shown right below the Collection list.

Note: If you enable the “Show View all button” function but do not add any text to the button label, the button will not be displayed.

Edit Theme SettingsClick to copy 2222

The theme settings of the Collection list include:

  • Image ratio: You can select the ratio for all collection images. The available options are: Square, Portrait (2:3), and Landscape (3:2).

  • Show product count: You can choose to show the number of products inside each collection.

  • Color scheme: You can choose from Scheme 1 or Scheme 2. To change the settings of the Color Scheme, please head to Theme settings.

  • Overlay opacity: You can choose the percentage of the overlay for each collection image. The color of the overlay will change according to the color scheme you have chosen for the section.

  • Enable prominent badges: You can choose to show the metafield badge for each collection. To set up the metafield badge, please refer to this article.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy 2222

What is the difference between the Electro Collection List and the Product List Section?Click to copy 2222

You must create collections before adding to the Electro Collection List, but with the Product List Section, you can add available products straightaway!

Can I add content to the Electro Collection List?Click to copy 2222

Yes, you can, including 4 items: Heading, Subheading, Description and 1 CTA button.

What image ratios are available for the main product images?Click to copy 2222

Three, including Square, Portrait (2:3) and Landscape (3:2)

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