How to Use Electro Password Page

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Recommended Logo Size? 1620 x 1800px
Recommended Background image Size? 2880 x 1200px
Recommended Mobile background image Size? 750 x 1400px

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Electro Password Page is a web page that is used to protect access to a website or web application. The page typically requires users to enter a password before they can access the content.

Password pages can be used to protect a variety of content, including private information, premium content, or content still under development.

The Password template by default, has one section: Password Page. This section cannot be removed, but it can be hidden.

You can freely add or remove any other sections to the template. The top bar, header, footer, and site popup are automatically disabled on the Password page to avoid distraction and unwanted redirection.

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In the Electro Theme Admin, please Go to Top Bar > Others > Password, then start editing your Password Page.

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General SettingsClick to copy 2222

You can select the color scheme for the section by clicking the dropdown menu. The available schemes are Scheme 1 and Scheme 2. The color scheme will be applied to the content on the section. To change the color scheme, go to the theme settings and update them.

You can also change the opacity of the overlay for the background image of the section. The opacity can be adjusted from 0% to 90%. The overlay color is applied from the color scheme you have selected.

To change the logo on the Password Page section, go to the Password Page Section Settings and click “Select Image” for the Logo Image. If no logo is added, the site logo will be used automatically. For the best display quality, we recommend using .png images that are 1620 x 1800 pixels in size.

The maximum width of the logo on large screens can be adjusted from 40px to 200px. The maximum width of the logo on mobile devices can be adjusted from 40px to 140px. The default maximum width for large screens is 160px, and the default maximum width for mobile devices is 100px.

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To change the background image on the Password Page, click Select Image for the Background Image. For the best display quality, we recommend using .jpg images that are 2880 x 1200 pixels in size for most screens and 750 x 1400 pixels in size for mobile devices.

Editing Theme SettingsClick to copy 2222

In Theme settings, you can change or add more contact information to the section. If you have already added contact information in the Theme settings tab, the section will automatically display this information.

The phone number and email will be displayed as text in the same line, and social channels will be displayed as icons in a line.

In addition, you can also choose the color scheme for the content text of this section. The color scheme can be selected from Scheme 1 and Scheme 2. To change the color scheme, go to Theme settings > Color.

Content Block SettingsClick to copy 2222

Please note that just 1 block content can be added on this page.

To adjust for the Block content, click on the block to go to the Settings.

The Content tab allows you to customize the heading, subheading, and description for the Password page section. Simply fill in the text boxes to add content, or remove the content by deleting it from the text boxes.

The Newsletter tab allows you to activate or deactivate the newsletter. If you activate the newsletter, you can also change the button’s text. All data collected by the newsletter will be stored in the Customer’s area of your Shopify admin.

The Contact information tab allows you to show the email address and phone number, and social media icons. Please note that you must set up this information in your Theme settings before showing it on the Password page.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy 2222

What is Electro Password Page?Click to copy 2222

Electro Password Page protects access to a website or web application, users must enter password before accessing the contents. This function is used specifically for the internal team, or when the products aren’t ready to be published yet.

What types of Information you could add via Theme Settings?Click to copy 2222

The Theme Settings Editing Options include: Phone number, Email address, URL for: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, TikTok, Tumblr, Snapchat.. where you can input your business information. You also have two choices of color scheme for pop-up components like notifications, menus, modals…

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