How to Use Electro Gift Card Template

A gift card is one of the best ways to thank you, and also to encourage your clients to buy once they’ve done something to your store: Join an event, refer a friend or buy products with promotion…

Electro Gift Card Template is the perfect way to set up this!

Access Electro Gift Card TemplateClick to copy 2222

Please go to the Top Bar Menu > Others > Gift Card

About Electro Gift Card TemplateClick to copy 2222

Electro Gift Card Template displays your store logo, Discounted amount, Text Code (with an option to copy code) and QR code. From this gift card, customers can choose to Print the gift card or Start Shopping

You can change your store logo on the gift card by clicking on the Gift card section, and choose Select Image at Logo.

Adding Gift CardClick to copy 2222

To create a gift card or change the content of the gift card, go to Shopify admin dashboard > Products > Gift card > Issue Gift Card

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