How to Use Electro Cart Template

The Electro Cart Page is where customers can view the items added to their cart, update their quantities, and proceed to checkout. The cart template is where you can customize the appearance and functionality of this page.

The default Cart template consists of a single section called the Cart page. This section cannot be removed, but it can be hidden. You can freely add or remove any other sections to the cart template.

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From the Electro Page Admin Dashboard, please go to the Top Bar > Others > Cart.

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By default, the layout of the Cart page follows the default settings on the Shopify Cart page, which shows brief Product Details (including Product image, product name, and product variant), Product Quantity, Product Price, and SubTotal of the order, with a Call-To-Action button to Check Out page.

The settings of the cart page will be based on the theme settings you set for Cart, you can check this manual for more information about theme settings here.

In the Theme settings, you can adjust additional parameters for this section. However, please note that any changes you make here will affect the Theme settings and all other elements on the store. To learn more about Theme settings parameters, please see this article.

If there are no products on the Cart page, there will be a notification “Your cart is empty” and a Call-To-Action button for Continue Shopping.

If there are discount products in the cart, there will be a subtotal price discount which lets the customers know how much they get discounted in total.

If you integrate third-party apps for selling plans, the information would be synced from there and displayed on the cart page.

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What information is included in the Electro Card Page?Click to copy 2222

Product Details (including Product image, product name, and product variant), Product Quantity, Product Price, Subtotal, with a CTA button to Check Out page.

What is Cart Page?Click to copy 2222

Cart Page is a sum-up shopping bag page, to help buyers summarize what they’ve chosen, so they could (1) Move directly to the Check-out page, or (2) add/remove items by their will before actual purchase.

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