Image With Text

The Image with Text section has 2 columns with Text and Button and Images.

image with text

The Settings for the Image with Text section has 6 tabs: General, Layout, Image, Text, Button, Prominent Badge.
This section shares the same settings with the Hero Image with Text section in: General, Layout, Text, Button and Prominent Badge.
In Image tabs, you can set up for the Primary Image and Secondary Image. Click on the Select Image button in Primary and Secondary image to add your images in the section. If you just want to show one of the images, simply keep the other image type blank.
image with text
The recommended size for Primary Image is 700x500px and 250x250px for Secondary Image. With Primary and Secondary Image Ratio, you can select one of 4 types: Square, Portrait (3×4), Landscape (4:3) and Adapt to Image. By default, the section is set for Portrait type.

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