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In this knowledge base article, you will know how to set up the Contact form section in all themes of SalesHunterThemes.

As you can see, you can customize this section by set up for these part:

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Most importantly, you can adjust Section heading by adding content here.

Contact Form

Special note for Electro theme

Electro offers two color schemes: Scheme 1 and Scheme 2. The settings for these schemes can be changed in the Theme settings.

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You can simply select Content ordering:Text first or Images first.

Note: This setting only works on large screens.

Contact Form

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To add the background image for the section, click the Select image button. The media manager will open up. There, you can drag and drop your logo, or select it if it is already uploaded.

Note that 1600px x 800px .png is recommended

Contact Form

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You can be able to customize content for this Contact form button text.

Contact Form

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You will see the option to select Subheading style and Subheading accent scheme.

Contact Form

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You can simple add theme blocks by clicking on the “+” Add block icon.

Contact Form

After that, you can customize these blocks here.

  • Add new custom text field then freely adjust both text field label and placeholder. Come along with that, this tab let you enable or disable Field is required and Use as textarea.
Contact Form
  • Add a new dropdown then freely adjust dropdown label and value for each option.

Contact Form

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