Logo List

The Logo list section has 2 tabs: General and Layout.
To add the heading content, click on the Section Subheading, Heading and Description text box and type the content. If you want to remove the Text part, simply remove the content in the text box.
To change the Accent scheme, click on the section, select scheme in the dropdown menu.
There are 3 types: Main accent, Extra accent and None. If selecting None, the background color will automatically inherit the background color of the page.
You can change the number of items per row on large screen and mobile screen in the Layout tab. The minimum Items per row on large screen is 2 and the maximum is 6. By default, this number is 4.
The Items per row on mobile can be set for 1 or 2. By default, this number is 2.
The Theme settings of the Logo list section follow the settings of the Image with text section which contains the Subheading Style, Subheading accent scheme and Show background grid lines.
The maximum logos can be added is 12, by default will show 6 logos. To set up for each logo, click on the logo and go to the Settings. You can upload an image for the logo by clicking on the Select image button and add a link for the logo in the Link text box. The recommended size for logo image is 120x90px.
logo list

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