Colo theme comes complete with +10 professional theme sections to help you merchandise your online store. Sections can be added to any page on your store.

Section settings

To find the primary settings for each section, click on the section name to view the settings panel. These settings control the elements of the section. Wider desktops screens will display the settings panel on the right side of your screen.
In general, a section options for fluid layout, margin, padding, heading and content.
  • Fluid option: Allows users to make the section full-width
  • Margin: Create spacing surrounding an element. It pushes other elements further away
  • Padding: Create spacing within an element. It pushes the content inside the element further in
  • Heading and content: Allows users to add heading and content description to the section

Add a new section

Navigate to any page you want to edit. On the section list, click on Add section option at the bottom of the list. By default, newly added sections appear at the bottom of your section list.
If the Inspector is activated, you can add a new section by hovering over a current section, and clicking on the Plus icon at the top or bottom of it.
When adding a section to a certain template, the same content will appear on all pages that are also using that template.
To provide unique content for certain products, create additional templates such as a new page template, collection template or product template, and then assign a page, collection or product to that new template. This will allow you to create multiple pages with different content. As a second step, remember to assign that template to a certain page, collection or product.
Make sure the theme is published so the new templates can appear as options in your product setup.

Hide or remove a section

Use the eye icon next to the section title to hide the entire section
To completely remove the section, click on the section, then click Remove section at the bottom of Section Settings
If the Inspector is activated, you can hide or remove a section by clicking on to that section, and choose Hide or Remove option at toolbar

Reorder sections

Use the handle icon which is located next to the eye icon to drag a section and drop it in a new position
If the Inspector is activated, you can reorder a section by clicking on to that section, and choose Move option at toolbar

Add, hide or remove a block

Some sections allow color customization inside section settings. To see which section allows this feature, check Color Settings.
Some sections can contain multiple blocks to show more content. To add more blocks to a section, click on Add block option inside the section. The name of the block may change based on section type.
To remove the unwanted block, click on the block you want to erase, then choose Remove Block at Block Settings